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Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO)

The US Department of Defense’s (DOD) 1033 Program permits the Secretary of Defense to transfer excess DOD supplies to state, county, and local law enforcement agencies for use in performing their law enforcement duties. This property is procured at little to no cost to the law enforcement agency obtaining the equipment. Any property obtained can only be used by law enforcement officers for law enforcement purposes. Any other use of the equipment is strictly prohibited.

The types of property available include but are not limited to desks, tables, chairs, first aid gear, high water rescue vehicles, passenger vehicles, gym equipment, laptops, watercraft, small firearms, protective shields, binoculars, and optical sights. All equipment must be strictly accounted for and inventoried on an annual basis by the agency that has obtained the equipment. The equipment is also subject to be inspected by the New Mexico 1033 Program’s Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO), as well as the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

All items are DOD excess equipment or items that had been held as part of reserve stock(s) until no longer needed. No equipment is purchased for distribution, and the State of New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) does not possess or acquire property. DHSEM manages the program and ensures that those New Mexico law enforcement agencies participating in the program are in strict compliance and inventoried each year.

Since its inception, the program has transferred over $7.7 billion in equipment nationwide, including $196 million in FY21 alone. To date, New Mexico law enforcement agencies have acquired more than $21.6 million in excess equipment.

Throughout the history of the 1033 Program, less than 2% of all transferred equipment has been small arms, and less than 1% has been tactical vehicles. These statistics are true for New Mexico as well, and there have been several scenarios where tactical vehicle have successfully completed water-based rescues.

More than 8,800 law enforcement agencies have enrolled in the program, including 62 agencies in New Mexico.

For user agencies that need to access the program to manage an account (FEPMIS) or to search for property (RTD), please visit the Law Enforcement Support Office webpage and use the links on the left.

For specific inquiries or information on the 1033 Program in New Mexico, please contact the DHSEM coordinator at leso.dhsem@state.nm.us.