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Recovery & Response

The Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) Response and Recovery (R&R) Bureau is tasked to lead the Department’s effort in conducting state level emergency operations, providing state assistance to local governments impacted and overwhelmed by an emergency or disaster.

The R&R Bureau is fully involved to carry out the emergency operations necessary to save lives and protect property. R&R Bureau staff can and will provide direct technical assistance, and subject matter expertise to external local, state and federal stakeholders on emergency preparedness and emergency operations.

The R&R Bureau has primary responsibility for the development and maintenance of the NM State Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The EOP and R&R Bureau are integral components of the New Mexico Emergency Operations System which provides the structure for organizing, coordinating, and mobilizing resources utilizing the concepts and principles of the Incident Command System (ICS) including Unified Command and Multi-Agency Coordination Systems.

Direction, control, and coordination is the core function of the New Mexico Emergency Operations System. During an emergency activation the Response and Recovery Bureau will take steps to analyze the emergency situation and decide how to respond quickly, appropriately, and effectively. The R&R Bureau will provide direction and coordination for the efforts of involved state agencies, departments and resources. Emergency Management Team members within the R&R Bureau are tasked to supervise and coordinate the response with the efforts of local, tribal, and federal entities, plus those of neighboring states, voluntary disaster relief organizations and the private sector, and make effective and efficient use of resources.

Situational awareness is maintained by the R&R Bureau Watch Program twenty-four (24) hours daily. Reporting is done by local jurisdictions and state and federal agencies to the Watch Officer on the emergency phone line, the central email box, or by other communications means. The Watch Program Officers conduct situation analysis and, depending on the results of this interactive process, recommend to the State Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management whether or not to activate the New Mexico Emergency Operations Center (NMEOC).

The Situation Reporting Guide is designed to efficiently assist reporting elements within an affected jurisdiction. The SITREP Guide is meant to facilitate the flexible exchange of information while enabling the continued improvement of situational awareness and analysis. During disaster or emergency events, clear and accurate information is required. This SITREP Guide will effectively enable managers to articulate facts, current event status information, priorities and planning considerations as well as numerous other important aspects of an ongoing emergency in a methodical and consistent manner.