DHSEM response to school safety threat

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CONTACT: David Lienemann 

DHSEM Public Information Officer  


May 10, 2023  

DHSEM response to school safety threat 

SANTA FE – On Wednesday, a student in Roswell, NM received a social media message stating that an attack on the school was imminent. The same messaging has been received by students at school districts across the state. Local law enforcement has increased their presence at schools in response to the threat. The New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) is coordinating information from local law enforcement and the FBI who are investigating the cause of the threats but currently, they are not considered credible. DHSEM is coordinating with law enforcement partners and the New Mexico Public Education Department to ensure student safety.  


David Lienemann, Public Information Officer | David.Lienemann@DHSEM.NM.GOV | (505) 479-0144