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HMEP Grant

Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant

The Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) grant program sponsored by DOT is intended to provide financial and technical assistance as well as national direction and guidance to enhance State, Territorial, Tribal, and local hazardous materials emergency planning and training.

The HMEP Grant Program distributes fees collected from shippers and carriers of hazardous materials to emergency responders for hazmat training and to Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) for hazmat planning. The HMEP Grant funds transportation-related hazmat planning and training activities. Examples of funded planning include developing and updating transportation emergency plans, tabletop exercises, commodity flow studies, attending planning conferences, and full scale exercises. Examples of funded training include awareness, operation, technician and specialist courses in hazmat response, basic and advanced hazmat life support courses. This grant is awarded to our agency on an annual basis.

For more information on this grant on this grant you can contact HAZMAT@DHSEM.NM.ugov or visit DOT’s website here.


Planning Activities

Commonly Approved Activities: LEPC emergency response plans; attending planning conferences (HOTZONE, HAZMAT Challenge, NASTTPO, FDIC, HAZMAT EXPO); renting space for planning activities; implementing tabletop exercises; emergency response drills and full scale exercises; commodity flow studies/surveys; hazard assessments and gap analysis; assessment of local response capabilities; enhance emergency plans to include hazard risk analysis; assessment the need to regional hazmat response teams; and others.

Training Activities

Commonly Approved Activities: all hazmat training levels: awareness, operations, technicians, specialists, refreshers; basic and advanced hazmat life support courses; IAFC hazmat conference; responding to hazmat incidents and decontamination training; and others.

Please refer to the DOT FY2020 Expenditures for a full listing of Allowable and Unallowable items.

HMEP Expenditures Guide

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