State provides additional information on “Precautionary Water Advisories” for public water systems impacted by wildfires

San Miguel & Mora Counties – The New Mexico Environment Department confirms a Precautionary Water Advisory is in place for the following public water systems located in San Miguel and Mora Counties:

System Name  County  Population Served 
Pendaries MDWCA  San Miguel  500
Pendaries RV Resort  San Miguel  320
Mike Mateo Elementary School  San Miguel  50
Camp Blue Haven  San Miguel  150
El Porvenir Christian Camp  San Miguel  175
Buena Vista MDWCA  San Miguel  225
Cleveland MDWCA  Mora  270
Mora Inn & RV  Mora  75
Ledoux MDWCA  Mora  168
Mora MDWCA  Mora  1,100
South Holman MDWCA  Mora  35
Agua Negra MDWCA  Mora  242
Upper Holman MDWCA  Mora  325
San Antonio de Cleveland MDWCA  Mora  269
North Cleveland MDWCA  Mora  82

NMED issued the advisory as a result of power outages or direct effects to drinking water operations caused by the Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon Fire Complex. At this time, NMED recommends all customers of these public water systems seek an alternate source of drinking water to ensure the protection of public health. Residents returning to these areas as evacuation orders are lifted should follow the guidance in this advisory until further notice is provided by their public water system or NMED.

The state is coordinating efforts to bring drinking water to affected communities for use until assessments are complete. The first delivery will arrive in the reopened communities by tomorrow.

Extreme heat and power outages that result in drinking water sitting in pipes can result in contamination from E. coli and other bacteria. NMED staff are coordinating closely with the water system operators and the New Mexico Rural Water Association to assess systems as quickly as possible for potential infrastructure damage that could affect water quality and safety. Affected residents will be informed as soon as their water is determined to be safe for drinking. Assessments involve inspecting equipment and facilities, as well as collecting and analyzing water samples to ensure that drinking water is safe.

Individual assessments could take several days to complete once inspectors are able to safely gain access to a facility.

Water from these systems can be used for other activities, such as washing clothes and dishes, showering, and general nondrinking uses. Use caution when bathing infants and young children. Consider giving them a sponge bath to reduce the chance of them swallowing water. People who are immunocompromised/immunosuppressed, and/or have open cuts, wounds, or sores should not use the water to bathe until notified that the water is safe.

NMED will continue to monitor the Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon Fire Complex and provide compliance oversight and offer technical assistance to public water systems that may be affected by this ongoing emergency.

Impacted consumers of the listed public water systems may direct questions about this advisory or the status of their water system’s assessment to Wayne Jeffs, Drinking Water Bureau Northern Area Supervisor, at 505-469-7457 or