New Mexico State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)

SERC Responsibilities

The Governor designates the members of the SERC. The SERC in turn appoints Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs). The SERC supervises and coordinates the activities of the LEPCs, establishes procedures for receiving and processing public requests for information collected under EPCRA, and reviews local emergency response plans. The LEPC membership must include, at a minimum, local officials including police, fire, civil defense, public health, transportation, and environmental professionals, as well as representatives of facilities subject to the emergency planning requirements, community groups, and the media. The LEPCs must develop an emergency response plan, review it at least annually, and provide information about chemicals in the community to citizens.


Representatives of Public Safety
NM DHSEM Secretary Jay Mitchell (Biography)
NM MTP Deputy Chief Mark Rowley (Biography)
Representatives of Public Health
NM DOH SLD Director Dr. David Mills (Biography)
NM ED Secretary-Designate Butch Tongate (Biography)
NM ED Emergency Response Operations Chief Thomas Skibitski (Biography)
Representative of Private Industry
PNS (Plant Nutrient Solutions) Safety Manager Jennifer Ickes (Biography)
Representative of Federal Facilities
LANL Nuclear Physicist and Engineer Dr. Paul D. Felsher (Biography)
2015 Annual SERC Report
(DRAFT) 2016 Annual SERC Report

SERC Bylaws

Date Time Location Agenda
November 6, 2014 9:00am

DHSEM Emergency Management Center

13 Bataan Blvd, Santa Fe, NM 87508

April 15, 2015 9:30am

DOH-Scientific Laboratory Division

1101 Camino de Salud NE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

August 14, 2015 9:00am

Hotel Albuquerque

800 Rio Grande Blvd NW

Albuquerque, NM 87104

TBD 8:00 am

DHSEM Emergency Management Center

13 Bataan Blvd, Santa Fe, NM 875

Previous Meetings Minutes
November 6, 2014 Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2015 Meeting Minutes
August 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes
October 13, 2016 Draft Meeting Minutes

For additional information please contact Henry Jolly, SERC Administrator

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SERC Administrator

Henry Jolly,