Annual Tier II Reporting

Step 1 - Reports must be electronic

Tier II Report must be submitted in electronic format (.t2s), we do not accept .zip files, .pdf files, or paper copies of the Tier II Form.

Step 2 - Electronic submissions
Facilities must submit their Tier II Report by creating an electronic submission using the EPA program Tier 2 Submit.Download the software from the link provided below. Enter your facility inventory in the database or import your facility inventory from last year. “Create Submission”, and save it for your records. Use only current Tier 2 Submit Software Single Point Submission New Mexico through the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) has instituted a single-point submission process for Tier II reporting. Facility owners/operators are required to submit their Tier II report(s) to the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Facilities are not required to provide the same report to the local emergency planning committee (LEPC) or the local fire department unless those agencies maintain local reporting requirements. EPCRA Section 302 Emergency Preparedness refers to Hazmat Facilities that store Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS). Search the provided documents by chemical name or CAS number to find out if you possess such chemicals.
Step 3 - copy of submission

Send the .t2s  as an email attachment to Your submission must be in .t2s format.

If the file is too large to attach to an email, cloud based submissions are permissible e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Please contact to provide the link to your cloud stored submission. If the previous submission methods are not possible, submission of files on a USB storage device via the mail is allowed.

NOTE: Do not send a .zip file, we will only accept the .t2s file generated by the TierIISubmit program.

We do not require E-Plan submissions. The Department will not give credits for E-Plan submission or payment. After we receive your submission, the administrator will validate your data, and if will contact the submitter for any additional clarification if needed.

Step 4 - Payment Information
Facilities must provide a payment with the submittal determined by the following table. The payment must be in the form of check or money order only. The State of New Mexico does not send invoices. Instructions to calculate fees are listed below. Payments are due annually on March 1. Fines up to $5,000 may apply if payment in the correct amount is not received by March 1. If your organization requires assistance calculating fees, please contact Please note overpayments will not be returned or refunded. A facility’s Tier II Report submittal is considered complete upon receipt of both the electronic submittal and payment of the correct amount. FEE SCHEDULE PER FACILITY (MAXIMUM PAYMENT OF $250)
  • 1 to 3 chemicals per facility                $25.00
  • 4 to 6 chemicals per facility               $50.00
  • 7 to 9 chemicals per facility               $75.00
  • 10 to 12 chemicals per facility            $100.00
  • 13 to 15 chemicals per facility            $125.00
  • 16 to 18 chemicals per facility            $150.00
  • 19 to 21 chemicals per facility            $175.00
  • 22 to 24 chemicals per facility          $200.00
  • 25 to 27 chemicals per facility          $225.00
  • 28 or more chemicals per facility    $250.00
Calculation Instructions: If you have more than one facility in New Mexico, calculate the fees due for each facility and add those to find the total payment due with your Tier II submittal. If the total amount exceeds $250, then your payment will be exactly $250. Do not overpay! The Department will not issue a refund of your overpayment. Make checks payable to: NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Tier II Submission Form. If we cannot match your check to the Facility Name on the Tier II Report, your payment will not be processed and your submittal will be considered late. Government agencies (local, tribal, state, and federal) are exempt from fees. Contractors who file Tier II Report on behalf of governmental entity site are also exempt. Mailing address for USPS mailings: NM DHSEM Attn: Tier II Reporting P.O. Box 27111 Santa Fe, NM 87502 Physical Address for FedEx and UPS Deliveries: NM DHSEM Attn: Tier II Reporting 13 Bataan Blvd. Santa Fe, NM 87508